Christmas Trees in Omaha

Christmas Trees in Omaha

Scott Farrington Christmas Trees

Take a peek at a short video that highlights the 5 types of Christmas Trees available at Indian Creek Nursery during the Christmas season.

Grab yourself a cup of hot cider and shop for your perfect tree in our warm greenhouses!

We carry a wide range of Christmas Trees in Omaha to match your tastes and your budget. Here are the 5 types highlighted in the video:

Fraser Fir Christmas TreeFraser Fir Christmas Trees boast the combination of needle retention, blue-green color, and pleasant scent. All these traits put together has led Fraser Fir to be our top-selling Christmas tree species.

Fraser Fir Christmas Tree in Omaha

Fraser Fir Christmas Tree

It’s often said that once you purchase a Fraser Fir Christmas Tree, you’ll likely never purchase a different variety of tree ever again!

Douglas Fir Christmas Tree – This Douglas Fir Christmas Tree is a sheared (or trimmed) form of the Douglas Fir, which creates a full appearance. The needles are extremely fragrant and the straight trunks allow Christmas Tree setup to be a breeze!

Sheared Douglas Fir Christmas Tree Omaha

Sheared Douglas Fir Christmas Tree

These full Douglas Fir Christmas Trees are tinted to provide an even color throughout the Christmas season, and also to help with moisture retention.

White Pine Christmas TreeWhite Pine Christmas Trees have long, soft needles. This tree remains very fresh and has a wonderful shape that many people think it is artificial.

White Pine Christmas Tree Omaha

White Pine Christmas Tree

If there was one downside to the White Pine, it would be that the branches aren’t quite as sturdy as some of the other varieties and may be challenging to hold those heavier ornaments.

Scotch Pine Christmas Tree – Scotch Pine have a medium needle that are tinted to provide an even color and some moisture retention.

Scotch Pine Christmas Tree Omaha

Scotch Pine Christmas Tree

The needles of the Scotch Pine are stiffer and a little pokier than the long, soft needles of the White Pine.

Old-fashioned Douglas Fir Christmas Tree – This un-sheared (simply meaning it’s not trimmed) form of the Douglas Fir is the “Old-fashioned” or “Charlie Brown” Christmas Tree. Grown naturally with little trimming the open appearance gives lots of space for ornaments to hang.

Unsheared Douglas Fir Christmas Tree Omaha

Unsheared (Charlie Brown) Douglas Fir Christmas Tree

This Old-Fashioned Christmas tree continues to grow in popularity, and tend to sell out rather quickly!

We look forward to serving you this Christmas season and hope to see you soon…picking out your perfect Christmas Tree!