Perennial Hibiscus

Oh Boy It’s Hot!

Scott Farrington Omaha Garden Center, Perennials

Here at Indian Creek Nursery we are featuring two perennials that flourish in and love the summer heat, hibiscus and butterfly bush.

Both of these plants would be best in the middle to back of the garden because many varieties can get 4/5’ tall.

Perennial Hibiscus

Most perennial hibiscus produce large 8” dinner plate sized blooms. They come in red, pink, white and variations in between. Plant one now and enjoy the giant blooms the rest of the summer.

Butterfly Bush

Butterfly bush is another great summer blooming plant that has wonderful fragrance and attracts butterflies , humming birds and many other pollinators.

One of our favorites is David 3 in 1 because it produces white, pink, and violet flowers on the same bush. They are blooming now and ready to give you pleasure for months to come.