Cilantro / Coriander

Coriander is a double duty herb. Its seeds are known as coriander while its leaves are known as cilantro. Both the leaves and the seeds are used in the culinary arts. Fresh Cilantro leaves are frequently used as a garnish for salsas and spicy soups. Coriander seed, which are actually the dried fruit of the coriander plant, is used as a spice. Typically used ground, coriander seed has a spicy, citrus flavor.

Zone – 4-7
Germination Time – 7-10 Days
Days to Maturity – 45-55 Days to Leaf (Cilantro) / 120-150 Days to Seed (Coriander)
Maximum Height – 12-18in
Spread – 2-4in
Bloom Color – Pinkish-white
Exposure/Light Requirements – Full Sun
Soil Requirements – Well drained

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