Fertilome Garden Cote Time Release Fertilizer


Fertilome Garden Cote time released fertilizer contains a balanced 12-12-12 formula and has essential micronutrients to encourage greener flowering plants with more blooms.

Fertilome Garden Cote is specially formulated for flowers, vegetables and citrus blooms. Fertilome Garden Cote can be used for Annuals, Perennials, Petunias, Pansies, Impatiens, Tomatoes, Garden Vegetables, Peppers, Melons and Berries. It also can be added to soil around trees and shrubs, and applied to bulbs and bedding transplants.

Application Rate:
• Sprinkle evenly across areas to be fed.
• Mix into top 1-3 inches of soil.
• Water in after application and regularly.
• Re-apply every 6 months.

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