Seed Potatoes German Butterball

German Butterball is an all around favorite for baking, frying, and steaming. This delicious golden russet-type potato is truly an all-purpose winner for the garden and kitchen.

A small number of seed potatoes will yield a few buckets of potatoes ready to eat and enjoy and can even be stored throughout the winter months.

Potatoes must have well-drained, moisture retentive, fertile soil that is high in organic matter and a pH between 5.0 and 6.0. Do not use a lime soil, the soil should be slightly acid. To prevent disease problems, do not plant potatoes in the same bed as tomatoes. Potatoes should be rotated on a 3 year program. This means, you need 3 suitable sites if you want to grow potatoes every year.

Planting and Maintenance Info: Light Requirements: Full Sun
Bulbs per Square Foot: 2

To maximize your crop, keep potatoes well watered throughout the summer, but especially during the period when they are in flower and immediately thereafter. Water early in the day, this allows foliage to dry completely before the evening. If you do not have the space to dig a large trench, some creative gardeners have used garbage cans or four old tires to grow potatoes with great success.

Hardiness Zone: 4-9

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